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Curly Girl Review: Rapunzel “The Future of Hair”



Hey curl friends, who wants to know what hair products I used to achieve these awesome results?! I had the pleasure of trying out some great products from Rapunzel. The end results left me with soft and shiny curls.

I used the following products from the Rapunzel line:IMG_7935

Rapunzel’s Hair Silk: made to smooth ends, condition, and when used daily aids in minimizing breakage and damage caused by chemicals and heated styling.

I loved that this product helps to protect your hair from chemical damage, since I dye my hair often. This oil also gave my curls some amazing shine! You can clearly see the difference in the photo above. In the “before” photo my hair looks dry and dull versus the “after” photo where my curls look shiny, moisturized, and even glisten in the light.

Rapunzel’s Hair Lotion: A deep moisturizing cream made with Shea Butter and other natural oils that promote healthy hair growth while protecting the hair from damage.

I was amazed how soft this cream left my hair…and when I say soft I mean SUPER-DUPER soft! (yes, I said super-duper I had to emphasize on how soft my tresses were! lol)  My comb and fingers literally glided through my hair, melting away any signs of knots that were ever there. It also did a great job at adding moisture to my hair and making it more manageable.

Rapunzel’s Hair Therapy: Hair multivitamins that help prevent hair loss and breakage from occurring.

I have been taking these vitamins consistently for a few days now and I believe I will see results. These vitamins contain a perfect dose of iron, which is an important ingredient when trying to promote hair growth because it carries oxygen to your roots.

Here are some more “after” photos…just because who can resist taking selfies when your new hair products are giving your hair LIFE!…haha.

What do you guys think of my results? I loved the outcome, whats not to love about healthy, silky, and shiny looking curls! If you’re interested in seeing a step by step on how I applied the product press play in the video below:

To find out more information or purchase any Rapunzel hair products please visit

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 4.27.45 PM



Curly Girl Review: Camille Rose Naturals

Calling all curly gals and naturalistas…I’m back with a new hair product review! I couldn’t wait to share the results for Camille Rose Naturals hair product with you guys…It’s been long over due! If you’re looking for a product that gives you a soft curl and some bounce, you’ll definitely want to read on…

CRN products(These are the products from Camille Rose Naturals I used to wash and style my hair.)

I started with the conditioner, which was amazing! The aroma alone will make you fall in love as soon as you open it. It has a tropical coconut scent that smells SO GOOD! (yes…that called for capital letters, I want you guys to understand it really smells really, really good!) My boyfriend confirmed how great it smelled when he walked into the bathroom as I was applying the rinse out conditioner and yelled out “Wow!…whatever you put on, it smells amazing!” (haha). The smell wasn’t the only thing that earned two thumbs up. The packaging says “rinse out conditioner for silky, soft hair” well they sure did deliver! I put the conditioner on and left it on for a few minutes, I then went ahead and finger detangled my hair while the conditioner was still on. It has so much slip, it made it easy to slide through those little knots…and not to mention a little of this product goes a long way! After rinsing it out, you can actually feel a difference in how soft and silky your hair feels. My fingers glided right through my tresses, I loved the outcome!

As for styling, I used only a little of the curlaide moisture butter. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t like to use too much of styling butter as it weighs my hair down…so I put just enough to give my hair some moisture and define the curl a little more.  After, I applied a few pumps of the curl maker. As I let my hair air dry, I did find it to start getting a little hard or “crispy.” But after scrunching my hair a few times with my cotton t-shirt, it broke that “cast” and left me with super soft curls that were defined and my curls were really…well curly!

Take a look at my results:

I loved the outcome of my curls! Visit to find any of these products I used in this post. Also don’t forget to follow me on instagram @style-dose for more hair tips as well as @camillerosenaturals


Curly Girl Review: Carol’s Daughter’s “Hair Milk” Collection

If you follow me on Instagram (@style_dose) you would know that I’m a curl lover who’s been on the “natural” hair journey for some time now. It wasn’t always that way, I remember straightening my hair all the time because I wasn’t too fond of my natural curls…I preferred the straight tresses. Until I came across other naturalistas who made me fall in love with the beauty of natural curly hair. I was inspired to go “natural” and bring my curls back to life. I started researching how to properly take care of and style natural curly hair and sooner than I knew, I was learning how to embrace my curly hair. I found myself falling in love with my curls again! I was no longer interested in getting blowouts every week, and if I did straighten my hair, I couldn’t wait to drench my hair in water to make those curls spring back to life.

Along with the love for curly hair, came the love for hair products also. Throughout my hair journey, I must admit I did become somewhat of a product junkie…just a little (hehe). I love trying out new hair products, curious to see what wonders they can work on my curly mane. With that being said, I was super excited when Carol’s Daughter reached out to me about joining their brand ambassador program. Of course I said yes! I was a fan of their hair products even before getting on board, so it was a win win situation. I love coming home to a Carol’s Daughter package, anxious to try out every new goodie they send my way on these curls of mine…and i must say my curls are defiantly fans of their products.

My first package included some products from the Hair Milk collection.  I decided to try a few products together and share the results with you guys!


  1. Hair Milk nourishing and conditioning cleansing conditioner
  2. Hair Milk nourishing and conditioning styling foam
  3. Hair Milk nourishing and conditioning styling butter
  4. Hair Milk leave-in moisturizer

I used the cleansing conditioner to wash my hair, it worked to cleanse my hair and scalp and get those tangles out! I like to finger untangle my hair in the shower, the conditioner had enough slip to allow me to do so. After rinsing off the conditioner and getting out the shower, while my hair was still drenched, I worked just a bit of the leave in moisturizer throughout my hair from the roots to the ends. My hair seemed to be softer and I do think it helped keep some moisture locked in my curls. Next, I put a few pumps of the styling foam. I must say, I really do like the styling foam! It was light and didn’t make my hair crunchy like other mousse products. I would definitely use the foam on its own for styling. Finally, I put some of the styling butter. The styling butter along with the other products gave my hair a “wet” kind of look. I would probably use less of the butter next time. Not that I think it was a bad product, it works wonders for some people and I still liked the outcome, I just don’t think it works that great with my curl type. Since my hair is not that thick, I find that when I use any styling “butter” or “pudding” of any brand it weighs my curls down so I prefer to use styling products with a light weight formula or just use a tad bit of styling butter.

 Here’s a look at what my curls looked like after using the Hair Milk products:

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