Month: November 2014

How To Achieve Voluminous Hair Without Heat

As a curly girl, I try not to use any heat on my hair in order to avoid heat damage. However, every now and then I get the itch to blow out my curly locks. Technically, you shouldn’t use any heat on your curls in order to maintain healthy curly locks. I believe if you do it only once in a blue moon and take proper care of your hair, it won’t cause major damage. Besides, isn’t the versatility of having curly hair one of the biggest perks of being a “natural” ?! You get the best of both worlds…you can go from big curly hair to a sleek straight do and the options don’t end there!

When I straighten my hair, I prefer to have some body versus pin straight hair. There was one little problem with that…the more volume and body I wanted, the more heat I had to apply to my hair. When I used to straighten my own hair, I would use a curling iron afterwards to give my hair a little body and bounce. Once I started taking better care of my hair and tried cutting out using as much heat as possible, I had to come up with ways to create voluminous hair without using heat appliances on my tresses. That’s when I came up with my new hair routine to achieve voluminous hair. Keep scrolling to see how I do it!

volume pictorial

After you straightened your tresses, follow the steps below:

1. Split your hair into four even sections. Clip three of the sections, to keep them from getting in the way while you work in one section.

2. Grab about an inch of hair and with your fingers start rolling that piece as if you were putting it into a roller securing it with two bobby pins, one on each side (start from the bottom, rolling it up towards your scalp).

3. Repeat step 2 until you rolled up every piece of hair in each section. I usually do this right before bed and go to sleep with it. You can choose to do the same or you can do this throughout the day before heading out or while you get dressed and do your makeup. The longer you leave the rolls in the more body you will achieve. Once you unpinned your hair, go ahead and run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls and spray a little hairspray if you choose (but just a little, you don’t want it to be too stiff).

Here’s what my tresses look like after I take out the rolls:

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